AGIT Ltd. is a market leader of VIRTUAL TECHNOLOGIES for industry sector.
Flag products of virtual technology are: V-ADMINISTRATOR VR3D and INFRA VR3D.
That virtual systems have many interfaces for connecting operating and analytic programs.

V-ADMINISTRATOR VR3D and INFRA VR3D can work as VIRTUAL SIMULATORS for managers and high level staff trainings.
Virtual simulators are the best and the cheapest method of training.
The AGIT OFFICE OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES develop many types of virtual simulators, mainly for security and fire rescue systems.

One of the highest success we rich in area of main menu projects of virtual simulators are very high quality main operating menu. There are Interactive, Interdisciplinary and Intuitive. It means that users can learn how to use main menu without manual book and without a risk of lose any projects or databases.
This is world class innovation and step into artificial intelligence of virtual simulators.