AGIT Ltd. specializes in the accomplishment of advanced and of modern services for the industry building and transport sectors. AGIT Ltd. is acting on the following fields of the business activity:

– drawing up IT modern technologies intended to support investment tasks, administrative and associated with the protection of objects and areas.

– consulting services in the consulting in the strategic management, mainly for big and very of large enterprises,

– training of managers and engineering staff mainly in the modern strategic management and the implementation of IT modern technologies to the investment, administrative management and safety management, of objects and areas,

– stock-taking tasks, design and investment supervisions tasks, using the classical (CAD 2 D) and modern (BIM 3D and Virtual Reality 3D) computer technologies,

– untypical tasks like production of high advanced promotion movies, training and start-up promotion movies, allocated mainly for the heavy industry sector; oil and gas and many other sectors. Computerised architectural models, synchronized with 3D and Virtual Reality 3D presentation technology,

We also recommend special technologies being used for a detection and a monitoring of sick persons (COVID 19).

Our innovative, technological and computer solutions are being appraised highly by our business partners and received many distinctions on domestic and international presentations of innovative technologies.

We picked up the team of first-class scientists, engineers and IT specialists, which are being supervise business undertakings as modern technologies of the future.



The AGIT company was established in April 2017 as a forming of a few
specialist teams operating mainly in the construction
transport, energy and IT area.

the hard core of the team
The core of the team consists of: scientists, engineers, IT specialists and computer graphic designers.

All forms of building documentation, fire-prevention documentation, skills trainings, etc. are carried out and signed by specialists holding current entitlements and certificates.

Our modern technologies, service and start-ups are good known in Poland and abroad.









W are a member of Polish National Program: “SOLID COMPANY”.
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AGIT Ltd. is a beneficiary of United Europe “INNOVATION PROGRAM FOR CHALANGE THE SPACE FOR DRONS” (beneficiary nr: WND-RPSL.01.02.00-24-0112/20-003).