specializes in the accomplishment of advanced and
of modern services for the industry building and
transport sectors.
AGIT Ltd. is acting on the following fields of the business activity:

– drawing up IT modern technologies intended to support investment tasks, administrative and associated with the protection of objects and areas.

– consulting services in the consulting in the strategic management, mainly for big and very of large enterprises,

– training of managers and engineering staff mainly in the modern strategic management and the implementation of IT modern technologies to the investment, administrative management and safety management, of objects and areas,

– stock-taking tasks, design and investment supervisions tasks, using the classical (CAD 2 D) and modern (BIM 3D and Virtual Reality 3D) computer technologies,

– untypical tasks like production of high advanced promotion movies, training and start-up promotion movies, allocated mainly for the heavy industry sector; oil and gas and many other sectors. Computerised architectural models, synchronized with 3D and Virtual Reality 3D presentation technology,

We also recommend special technologies being used for a detection and a monitoring of sick persons (COVID 19).

Our innovative, technological and computer solutions are being appraised highly by our business partners and received many distinctions on domestic and international presentations of innovative technologies.

We picked up the team of first-class scientists, engineers and IT specialists, which are being supervise business undertakings as modern technologies of the future.



The AGIT company was established in April 2017 as a forming of a few
specialist teams operating mainly in the construction
transport, energy and IT area.

the hard core of the team
The core of the team consists of: scientists, engineers, IT specialists and computer graphic designers.

All forms of building documentation, fire-prevention documentation, skills trainings, etc. are carried out and signed by specialists holding current entitlements and certificates.

Our modern technologies, service and start-ups are good known in Poland and abroad.


V-ADMINISTRATOR it is new generation, world class IT product dedicated for real estate: investment, administration and security tasks. V-ADMINISTRATOR is a FATHER of big family of cooperating platforms like:
-“INFRA VR3D” (IT PLATFORM for researching of geodesy position and for stock-taking all underground structure – around buildings) – it is being sold from the year 2017.
-“V-FIRE &SEC” (IT PLATFORM for fire protection and advanced security control system) – it is being sold from the year 2018.
– “V-ADMINISTRATOR-COM” (very advanced communication system for technical service and video conferences with technical specialist and for telecommunication inside the company) – in AGIT Ltd. offer from 1.11.2021.
– V-ADMIN-ROBOT” (IT PLATFRM dedicated for the guidance service, cleaning work, defensive work, etc.) – ready for sale from the year 2021.
– V-ADMIN-MEDIA-MANAGER” – ready for sale from the year 2021.
And many other concept IT PLATFORMS based on V-ADMINISTRATOR IT PLATFORM.
V-ADMINISTRATOR IT PLATFORM is a BASE for connection all cooperating platforms (above) and for many other. But all “cooperating” with IT PLATFORMS or can work independently.

V-ADMINISTRATOR IT PLATFORM and cooperating IT PLATFORMS use “IFC” FORMAT like BIM (Building Information Modeling system). After investment process small and big customers can put the 3D building or big object documentation into V-ADMINISTRATOR IT PLATFORM and start to “administrate” the building or object. The V-ADMINISTRATOR technology cooperates with “dwg” FORMAT for 2D modeling like in AUTO CAD project technology.
It means that V-ADMINISTRATOR IT PLATFORM can cooperate with 2D (CAD) and 3D (REVIT) technologies and can use 3D models as a base for all administration functions.
Administration order in 3D space makes money.

The AGIT Ltd. was established in April 2017 in Katowice (Poland). It was consolidation of few groups of IT and construction specialist (scientists, engineers and IT specialists).
The team consists of scientist and engineers of: Silesian Technological University in Gliwice, Technology University in Radom and Technical High School in Katowice.
V- ADMINISTRATOR VR3D technology was invented by M.eng George Dubiński (doctor study at UTH in Radom.
The team consists of 3 groups. First group – marketing and trading managers. They had sale over 20 IT PLATFORMS for very big Polish and foreign clients in Europe, in past. Next group it is technical team consist of architects, geodesy specialists and construction engineers. Third group consist of IT and 3D specialist, who work over software and 3D graphics. That three groups cooperate over 7 years, but from April 2017, in AGIT Modern Technologies Department. Fourth group there are drones and robots specialists.


AGIT Ltd. has many national and international successes. We had sale in last 3 years over 20 IT PLATFORMS for very big Polish and foreign customers. We have no any failure contracts. 100% of V-ADMINISTATOR and INFRA VR3D IT PLATFORMS work up to now without any technical problems. We are winners of 4 national start-up competitions during European Economic Congresses in Katowice (2017 and 2019), in Krynica (“Central Europe Davos”) in 2018, and last price at “National Property Forum” (Warsaw, September 2020).


The main group of clients (around the World): developers, property administrators, public buildings and office centers administrators, shopping centers, hotels, airports, railway stations, gas and oil corporations, power plants, chemical companies and many other.
“V-ADMINISTRATOR VR3D” is a GLOBAL PRODUCT. There are thousands (even millions) small, big and very big buildings and industry objects, which we can be administrated by
This is very big international market and the COVID 19 make opportunity for faster international implementation of the technology. V-ADMINISTRATOR VR3D permits for control of investment process and administration from any place on Globe. The platform has opportunity to change maim menu to any language.
V-ADMINISTRATOR makes work more comfortable, faster and cheaper.


The „V-ADMINISTRATOR” technology can solved very important problems.
„V-ADMINISTRATOR” offers very fast, very high quality virtual and international communication of people who are engaged in any INVESTMENT or ADMINISTRATION project.
This is a new strategy of investment or administration team communication, in COVID 19 circumstances.
Very fast, very high quality of virtual and international communication of people who are engaged in real estate trading, banking, insurance and security.
This is a new strategy of administration and financial service communication, in COVID 19 circumstances.

That solutions makes much better: investment, administration and financial service over any real estate around the globe. V-ADMINISTRATOR IT PALTFORM permits for VIRTUAL and TV CONTACT with specialists around the world who can do their work being in the great distance from the built and serviced object.
V-ADMINISTRATOR VR3D the system allows in near future, for controlling robots responsible for: construction, servicing and the protection of any object around the world, by remote and truly virtual control system.
“BIM” is perfect in project and investment area. “V-ADMINISTRATOR VR3D” is a CONTROL SYSTEM (for investors and final administrators) and can take ALL ADMINISTRATION TASKS, using structural 3D model from BIM (“dwg” and “IFC” format).

Our IT product is one best on the market and has much more administration functions and even TV communication, fire and security operating functions than “similar” IT products. We offer better and cheaper IT product in very easy to learn configuration of main menu. We can say that V-ADMINISTRATOR is now the best IT product this class on global market (3 years of market tests).
Our IT PLATFORMS are unique products in world scale. Our IT PLATFORMS are not a COPY or developing version of any “similar” IT products on global market. V-ADMINISTRATOR VR3D and other cooperating platforms there are original IT products. We use the best communication method: COMPUTER – HUMAN BRAIN. This is VIDEO AND VIRTUAL SPACE COMMUNICATION. It is few times faster and higher quality technology than used up to now. This is technology dedicated for very fast communication and emergency communication. This is technology of full remote communication with members of any team and with robots or drons.
We can use only ONE IT PLATFORM which offers VERY HIGH RANGE OF OPERATION FUNCTIONS (investment control, administration, security, personal workers training, remote technical service and many other).
We have created very easy to operate and very easy to learn IT products, for intuitive learning.
V-ADMINISTRATOR/BID SYSTEM can be the base for the biggest in the world REAL ESTATE TRADING PLATFORM in VR 3D PRESENTATION SYSTEM. It will be brand new technology of global real estate trading.
We want to develope other IT PLATFORMS, cooperating with V-ADMINISTRATOR for encreasing our international offer and for creating wide range of administration IT products for small, middle and big customers.

– There is no so advanced and so modern IT technology on global market,
– This is first “3I” technology:
– INTERDISCIPLINARY (many functions and systems in one IT platform),
– INTERACTIVE (real time communication using HD TV and virtual space technology),
– INTUITIVE (very fast learning and operating without manual book),

AGIT Ltd. has a power to became very big international business player and became an international IT systems supplayer.